Our unique range of active pharmaceutical ingredients is the result of a strong synergy between

worldwide research institutes and our own research and development department. We

manufacture our raw materials in our factory in Tibet. All of them are thoroughly validated and are

given recognition by the scientific authority for accurate examination.


Tangut is committed to using scientifically proven natural ingredients to deliver the finest products

to our friends. We constantly discover valuable and native bioresources from every corner of the

world. Each ingredient we find is unique and marks a breakthrough in the nutraceutical market.


Source of Tangut API - Zero-Pollution Tibetan Plateau



Tibetan Plateau is a mysterious and charming

place with elevated peaks, various landforms,

criss-crossed waterways and scattered lakes. It

is a rare "pure land" and is credited by the

United Nations Educational, Scientific and

Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as one of the

four most pollution-free regions in the world.

200,000 hectares of arable land are free from

industrial pollution. 



We get our raw materials from the Tibetan Plateau where virtually no man-made pollution is found.

It signifies Tangut products as pollution-free and of the highest quality.

Remarkable features of Tibetan Plateau:


Sparse in population and vast in its land


One of the world's four major ultra-clean, pollution-free zones


The world's highest and largest plateau - average altitude is 4,500 m (14,763 ft)


A well-reserved natural ecosystem with

many unique natural plants & animals

Uniqueness of Tibetan Plateau's plants

Plateau Plants General Plants
Sea level
High altitude (Average >4000m)
Low  altitude
Environment Pollution free Contaminations from humans and other environmental problems
Day light Abundant and long-lasting day light
Comparatively short duration and weak
Anti-ultraviolet  capability High
Pest control Less pest control required More pest control required
Adaptive ability  Strong adaptive ability in tough  environment  Easily faded in tough  environment 
 Active constituents High bioactive health substances Low bioactive health substances
Plant characteristics

Commercially valuable medicinal plant species to treat a wide variety of diseases and provide preventative care

Low medical values 

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