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Brand Medik8
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Size CreamCleanser - 250ml
Effect Removes everyday build-up, impurities and make-up.
Person Normal and dry skin, but suitable for all skin types.
Recommended Reason    100% soap-free
100% paraben-free
100% sulfat-free
100% fragrance-free
pH balanced
Description creamCleans
creamCleanse has been designed for normal to dry skin - whether mature skin or not
    Gentle yet pore-deep exfoliation with lower dose L-Mandelic acid (compared to poreCleanse and betaCleanse)
    L-Mandelic acid is a potent exfoliator but unlike Glycolic acid, does not irritate, cause erythema or burning
    Natural glycerin draws water from the air and keeps the skin supple and hydrated, reducing surface skin roughness
    Organic orange oil helps calms hypersensitive skin following cotton wool usage
    Specially selected emollients (softening or smoothing ingredients) for creamy feel and incredible cleansing action

creamCleanse is a calming, silky-smooth exfoliating cream cleanser which gently and effectively removes everyday build-up, impurities and make-up.  Developed especially for normal and dry skin, but suitable for all skin types, creamCleanse contains 1% chirally correct AHA L-mandelic ac skin.  Emollients including cocoa butter and soothing orange oil prevent drying or sensitivity.
How to use
Cleanse skin twice daily. Apply an ample amount of the cleanser to a cotton pad or the fingertips and gently massage into dry skin on the face and neck. Remove with a warm, damp cloth (dry skin); or clean cotton pad (very dry skin). In case of stubborn make-up removal, repeat product application several times until the cotton pad remains clean.
Ingredients L-Mandelic Acid, Natural Glycerin, Cocoa Seed Butter, Organic Orange Oil
Precaution For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  If contact occurs, rinse with water.  If irritation occurs or persists, consult your physician or skin care professional.  Use only the suggested amount of product as directed by your physician or skin care professional.  Using more than this recommended amount will not increase the benefit of the products.