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DJC- 3 Months Post Treatment Set


Product Dr James Clinic- 3 Months Must Have Post Treatment Set
Brand Dr James Clinic
Made in UK, USA, France, Thailand Item No.     011001-01
Price HK$5570.00 Offer
Packing Original Packaging  
Size      --------------   Weight         1.478kg
Product List Dr James Clinic
- x3 Regenerative Formula Barrier Cream -15ml
- x2 Brightening Formula Serum -30ml
- x1 Lip Balm SPF50 PA++
- x2 Nourishing Formula Lip Mask

- x3 HYDR8 B5 -15ml
- x1 Hydr8 Night Advanced Antioxidant Cream -50ml

La Roche Posay
- Toleriane Dermo Cleanser -200ml
- UVIDEA XL Aqua Fresh Gel SPF50 PA++++ - 30ml


Dr James Clinic
Regenerative Formula Barrier Cream
- It repairs damage surface by its potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and barrier functions. Immediate relief of pain and hot sensation.
- Suitable for compromised skin after cosmetic procedures such as laser resurfacing, skin sensitized by retinoid therapy or other aesthetics treatments.
- Fragrance Free, no artificial colors

*After Cleanser, apply generous amount to skin, gently spread with light and even strokes.

Brightening Formula Serum
- It enhances skin cell renewal cycle for better metabolism. It activates and brighten skin, improve skin tone (pale looking or dull skin).
- It has antioxidant protection against ultraviolet radiation. It quickly increases collagen production and will have a result of least wrinkles and fine lines.

* Use day and night after cleanser, apply half a pump of serum to face and neck and gently spread with light and even strokes.
Lip Balm SPF50 PA++
- Clinically proven to provide ultra-high protection for your lips against harmful ultraviolet radiations and oxidative damages.
- Balance barrier repair ingredients sooth and nourish dry chapped lips. It also enhance the natural fullness of your lips while reducing fine lines on lips.
- Plant source ingredients, high potency, no artificial colorings

* Apply and reapply when needed!

Nourishing Formula Lip Mask

- Age Defying process on lips
- Nourish and repair lip at night, It eliminates damaging oxidants and free radicals which are harmful to our lips. It also provides a soothing and moisturizing relief to dry chapped lips.
- Fortified with synergistic complex of ultra potent natural antioxidants

*Apply whenever is needed, especially at night before sleep

- Improves the skin's resistance to stress as well as protects the skin from environmental damage.
- It helps to re-establish the skin's natural hydro-balance for an improved skin texture, suppleness and luminosity.
-It contains Hyaluronic Acid, capable of connecting great numbers of water molecules to the skin cells binding sites, resulting in softer, suppler and more youthful feeling skin.

* Apply morning and night after cleansing, apply 5-6 drops of serum directly to the skin and blend evenly across the whole face and neck.

Hydr8 Night Advanced Antioxidant Cream
- It is a rich, yet fast-abosorbing restorative night cream that proides hydration to all skin types especially tired or compromised skin. It has an antioxidant ingredient "Resveratrol" in creating anti-ageing effect to the skin. It also contains passion flower and valerian to help to minimise signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
- It smoothes the epidermis, improves skin elasticity and density and eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of tight skin.
- Resveratrol has been shown in studies to increase cellular longevity and help keep skin looking young for longer. It also delivers potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties
- It helps to restore skin clarity and brightness lost throughout the day

*In the evening, after cleansing, apply a small amount of Hydr8 Night to face, neck and décolleté, avoiding upper and lower eyelids and lips. Use light, upward strokes and allow cream to fully absorb.

La Roche Posay
Toleriane Dermo Cleanser
- It cleanses the eyes, face and makeup without the risk of irritation.
- High tolerance, Fragrance- free, no tensio-active ingredients, no preservatives
- Rinse free Formula
* Pat on, massage in circular motion, then carefully wipe off using tissue or cotton.

UVIDEA XL Aqua Fresh Gel SPF50 PA++++

- Block UV rays and damage from free radicals with its most efficient level of SPF50 and UVA PA++++, effectively improves skin pigmentation, creates fairer skin tone and radiant complexion.
- Fragrance free, paraben free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic
- Extra light texture, the skin feels hydrated and refreshed. Noon greasy, non sticky, hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.

* Apply every morning at the last step of the skincare routine.

    Precaution For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  If contact occurs, rinse with water. If irritation occurs or persists, consult your doctor immediately. Use the suggested amount of the product as directed by your doctor. Keep the product in dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight.